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has found her forever home!  We are so happy for her and look forward to hearing stories about her adventures in her new home.

Chloe is a 2 year old 
  AKC female

  Adopted by 

West's California Dream 
(call name "Callie")
 We found a great home where she will be spoiled rotten! 
Occasionally we have puppies or adults up for adoption.  There is an adoption fee for them.  Spaying/neutering will be required or included.
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Southern California
Ask for Teresa
Nilla with her new owner, Shirley, from San Diego.  Shirely has M.S. & Nilla is now her constant companion!  Thank you Shirley for giving Nilla, a wonderful, loving home.
Orange County Chihuahua Rescue occasionally has dogs available for adoption      Fee is $50 each.    Homecheck required.
714-365-2991 (cell)     Email:  
Misty &  Madison
"It's all hearts and flowers over here, Teresa.  All hearts and flowers."  
"She just a little angel, Teresa!  Thanks!" 
Adopted by the Kogel family
HomePuppiesAdoption/Rescue$150 dogSHOW NEWSDaddiesSatisfied clientsChihuahua Articles
ContractsPast PuppiesVideos

"TLC With Pups"  
Ask for Michelle.    Homecheck required.
951-742-8689     Website:  
"Save a Small Dog Rescue, Inc."  
is another rescue that I work with.  
Laurie Barnum    Homecheck required.
Small Dog Rescues
Adopted by the

Roy will be jetsetting now between CA, AZ & Italy and everywhere in between.  So glad he found such a wonderful home.  He is an exceptional young man!
Sadie has found her forever home with Amy & Steven & her new brother, Buddy. 
Hannah our 
rolly-polly girl has lost weight and is thriving in her new home!  Thanks Jess! 
      Arrowhead Animal Protection League
Animal Help Line     Cell/Text (909) 213 - 7373


Visit our Pet Adoption Center & 2nd Hand Boutique Store
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                        Izzy - Placed                        Gigantor - Placed            Gigantor -Placed
                              SC Female                          SC Male

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 Name                    Color             sex         est. weight                status                  Destination

1.  Larry            White/cream       M               6 lbs                ADOPTED       -  Tara, Portland, Oregon

2.  Moe                    Fawn            M                8 lbs               ADOPTED      -  Jenny, Riverside, CA 

3.  Curly             Light Fawn        M               7 lbs                ADOPTED      -  Rosa, Riverside, CA

4.  Sugar            White/cream       F                6 lbs                ADOPTED      -  Alexandra, Los Angeles

5.  Spice                   Fawn            F                5 lbs                ADOPTED      -  Tosh, Japan 
Pups @ 2 days of age.  Born: June 11, 2015
Buttercup is the mother and will be spayed in 2 months.  She has an currently has a permanent adoptive placement!  :)
Larry is white with beige spots on his head.  His coat is not curly, only a few waves.  He has the sweetest face.  Larry's adult weight is estimated to be 7 lbs.
Curly, a boy, is fawn colored and the curliest in the litter.  Estimated adult weight is 8 lbs.
The only girl left, Sugar, is mostly white with some beige spots.  She has a bit more curl to her coat.  All the pups have very soft coats and will most likely shed very little, if at all. Sugar's adult weight is 7 lbs
5 rescue pups.  All ADOPTED in 2015!                 
Born: 06/11/2015


     Name      Birth     color   sex   wt         status     

 1.  Elvis    02/01/2016  Blue/tan  M    7 lbs   -  Adopted - Cameron Las Vegas, NV
Molly has been adopted

Successful  Adoptions
Current Adult Adoption/Rescue​      
April 2020

We are involved in rescue efforts & have a few quality adult chihuahuas.
We are working on socializing them.  Any support given is appreciated!  
If you can't adopt, you are welcome to visit & help socialize them!

Adoption fees range from $200 to $500, this helps offset surgeries/teeth cleaning.
Thank you for your donations of food, socializing & adoptions!
You are welcome to text Teresa with questions.
Tia is a sweet 7 yr old adult chihuahua.  She weighs about 6.5 lbs.  Her adoption fee will cover her spay and teeth cleaning.
Jasper is a 7 year old adult chihuahua, male.  He has scarring in his left eye from an eye infection. He was one of the first to let me pet him and pick him up.  His adoption fee will cover his neuter/teeth cleaning.  $200
Roscoe is a 2 year old adult male chihuahua.  He has been neutered/ teeth cleaned.  Roscoe is doing great with his socializing and is ready to go to his forever home.  He is a sweet boy.
Jazmine in the front.  Adult female 7 years old.  She will require more socializing.  Her adoption fee will include her spay and teeth cleaning.

Justin, in back, is a neutered adult male, 6 years old.  He needs a lot of socializing.  His fee covers his neutered/teeth cleaned. $200
Jessie is an adult female, age 5 years old.  Jessie needs more socializing.  Her adoption fee will include her spay and teeth cleaning.
Rocky is the brother to Jazmine & Jessie.  He is a LC White, 7 yr old adult male.  He needs additional socializing.  He is neutered and has his teeth cleaned.
Faith came to us pregnant.  She will be spayed and have her teeth cleaned after her pup is weaned.  She is a a beautiful, sweet 7 year old female.  She weighs about 6.5 lbs.  Her adoption fee will cover her spay and teeth cleaning.  $500